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 An increasing rate  of reports are published everyday about financial losses of electricity disconnections in electricity distribution networks. The losses are caused by sudden disconnections of electrical connectors, transformators dysfunction, switches, fuses, cables and cable heads and include all controlling equipments and power racks.
But are these events predictable and preventable in advance?
The answer is yes.
Because today the predictive maintenance systems are based on predicting and preventing unwanted events so we can define imperfections and improvement process easily.
Measuring   different equipments degree and comparing it with normal condition is the most important way of predicting and finally preventing equipments faults in electricity networks(high and weak pressure). Thermegam systems (thermal-infra red cameras)   have temperature measuring facility so without touching equipments and in  great distances  we can measure the temperature easily.

In brief, thermegam systems are applied in finding faults and periodic control of instruments in electricity distribution networks.

The followings should be mentioned:
Reducing delays by avoiding unwanted events
Help in planning and timing equipments control
Prevention of capital and energy loss
Speeding technical controls and doing more control in less time
Increasing accuracy in equipments technical control
The possibility to control equipments after repair
The possibility of maximum usage of network facilities by increasing different equipments reliability.



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