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High voltage measuring device

High pressure voltmeter

Designing high pressure voltmeter

Designing high pressure voltmeters is based on measuring phase to earth and

Phase to phase voltage on line conductors.

The voltmeter has got the ability to measure different ranges of voltage.

So by connecting line connectors to line connector in air lines, reading voltage can be possible.

Generally we can measure systems of 1 kv to 75 kv with the device according to the selected model.


  • Measuring phase to earth or phase to phase voltage up to 63kv.

  • Measuring voltage in conductors of air and earth line phases.

  • Recognizing conductors with no electrical bar before connecting to the earth.

  • Measuring voltage in average pressure power rack and internal application.

  • By joining testing part of the cable to the voltmeter, there is the possibility to find imperfections in underground average pressure cables before current.


Various models in different ranges for measuring voltage up to 75 kv.

    • LCD display or LED for trustworthy and convenient reading.

    • Final connecting tools for increasing insulating and c.d distance.

    • No need for maintenance

    • Different probles connecting to test cables.

    • Voltmeter body is made of fiber glass and has high mechanical resistibility.

    • The cable is between two parts of 2.5 m voltmeter and resists up to 5kv.

    • A 9v voltage feeds the battery.

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