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Voltmeter for measuring phase to earth voltage. These voltmeters are designed and made for measuring phase to earth voltage and has two ranges of 0-15 kv and 0-24 kv. These voltmeters are used in networks where the purpose is to measure.

Airlines probes

Length increaser

Case and box

Usage instruction

High pressure voltmeters, model 1 to 5, are used to measure linear voltage (phase to phase). The followings should be mentioned:

  • Making sure of charged batteries

  • Making sure of dried fiber glass and voltmeter.

  • Testing before use

  • Get help to hold voltmeter and connect it to the current.

  • Do not use voltmeters individually

  • Use insulated length increaser

  • Disconnect voltmeter immediately after reading

  • First connect the voltmeter to the earth without current and then connect the other part to the current.

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