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Electric Field Alarm 5KW Systems

Safety Alarm
The device senses the intense  electric field around conductors and high pressure  equipments (AC) and warns the user. The device is designed like a small box which is placed on belt or pocket and informs the person who is working near strong electric field.


Usage Instruction:

The device senses the electric field around cables or high pressure equipments and then makes sound.

In addition to this audio signal, a light starts twinkling and ultimately vibrates every some second and informs the user of an intense electric field and high voltage. The higher the voltage or in other word, the more intense the electric field, the farther the device starts alarming.

Making sure of device correct function:

The device has got a bottom which can be turned on to test all alarming systems (alarm, twinkling LED and vibrating motor)

A light green LED will also turns on and shows the full charge of the battery.

When the battery is near discharging and the voltage is too low, the green LED won't turn on but a red LED turns on in normal condition.

There is another small red LED which turns on while connecting to the charger and shows charging voltage at  the source.

It is necessary to consider that the device battery is a 9V battery and can be recharged if we use chargeable batteries.


Safety Points:

  • Don't trust the device for sensing high voltage only
  • Don't touch high voltage with the device
  • Human body is a good conductor of electricity so it changes the electric field or may totally shield it so be careful of putting the device in the right position on your body.
  • The device doesn't sense static electric field (not related to DC) so if any electrical bar is remained on the capacitor although it having high potential , the device won't sense and will not make any alarm.



  • The device is designed to sense 50/60 HZ AC
  • The device may not work in other frequencies or its sensitivity may be changed.
  • The device working degree is between -5˚C to 60˚C.
  • A 9V battery feeds the device and can be charged while the device is charging.
  • The device normal consumption is 2mA and in warning condition is 50mA.
  • The device sensitivity is tested in monotonous electric field made in the case and is 2.2kv/mą5% in direction of field lines.

Attention: The device sensitivity is can be adjusted according to its nominal voltage.

  • If the electric field is near to the earth , for example a wire is left on the ground , the device sensitivity would be less.



 Test Item Particulars


 Temperature Limit

-5 to 60˚C

Relative Humidity

Up to 90%

Charging Time

8-10 Hours

Standby Lifetime

100 Hours

Electric Field Nominal Frequency

50/60 Hz

Alarm Lifetime

2 Hours

Alarm Type

Buzzer, Vibration Alert, Red Flashing Led

Functional+Batt,Level, Test Buttom


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